September Glaze Firing

These are the results from my latest glaze firing. Most of the pots were glazed with my standard soft white glaze but the other pots were glazed with a test glaze. I found the recipe online which claimed to be a 'fake' cherry blossom shino which I didn't ever consider using on earthenware but hey if it creates the right effect then its an exciting prospect.

The results were interesting, I will generalise and say that the glaze was too thick to create the 'fake shino' effect I wanted, instead the small beakers with the test came out with a pitted texture which was effective. I used a large bowl to test the glaze too which had really interesting results. It crazed on the exterior and looked more like a sculpture than a bowl you might eat your ramen from (I'll have to shelf it!). I will need to revisit how quickly I set the temperature to rise in the glaze firing, I also read that after glazing if you haven't left them long enough before firing then the water content in the pot can cause crazing in the initial stage of firing before you even get to 600 degrees. It is all a massive learning curve, for every thing you do know there are ten more things you don't know.

Something I am really pleased with is the toasty bottoms on all of the pots, there must have been an ingredient in the test glaze that created a new atmosphere. Much more toasty than the flat orange colour of earthenware in an electric kiln,

I'll be putting the tea bowls up on Etsy today.