Pottery Throwing Sessions And Vouchers 2022

Pottery Throwing lessons for up to two people. £40 each for 1.5 session, with a second person having a £10 discount making it £70 for two. £280 each for an 8 session course.

Have a go at throwing some pots on the wheel at my workshop in prestbury, its great fun!

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I am a Sculptor based in Cheltenham, I work mainly with metal and clay, (I love experimenting with all sorts of materials).

I hold lessons working with clay, mainly for throwing but also a bit of hand sculpting. It can be an incredibly enriching experience to those who need a break from the busy bustle of everyday life but also great fun having a go at sculpting an item with your own hands! I find a lot of people who come along don’t always consider themselves creative but are amazed with what they are able to achieve by the end of a session, who knows, you might be a natural!

In my workshop I use earthenware clay, I normally decorate students pots with a creamy white glaze. For other decorated pots in my workshop I use white and black slip to either slip trail or sgraffito on the pot.

- In the shorter session (1.5hr), you can expect to learn how to centre the clay on the wheel and throw multiple vessels. At the end of the session you can choose 3 pots to be fired and keep which are included in the £40.

-A pottery voucher makes a great gift for your friends and loved ones, please get in touch if you are interested in buying a physical voucher to gift.

- Find further information on the 8 week course here.

Come and throw some pots!

- Daisy Martell

If you are interested in other aspects of potting that I don't offer, for example other methods of decorating, hand building sculptures and larger groups then I can recommend calling the Pothouse in Woodmancote. The ladies that run the courses are really lovely and have great expertise in what they do. Here is the link to their website