Pottery Lesson Vouchers 2022

Come and have a go on the wheel. This is a great gift for others (and yourself) for many reasons: learning the new skill of how to throw a pot on the wheel is really fun but not only is it fun it can also help soothe anxiety and eliminate stress. You will receive a beautiful envelope with your voucher to gift. Whoever the voucher is for can book to do the lesson as and when they have time and feel like joining the real world again.

I have two pottery wheels in my workshop, this means for an intimate lesson for up to two people where you can relax and have a good laugh with your family and friends and create a beautiful vessel with your hands.

I'm sure you have been watching the Great Pottery Throw down and raring to have a go yourself!

Please find my contact details at the bottom of the page.

Daisy - Sculptor - at Knoll Hill Gloucestershire

- Thank you -


This is Jamie making some egg cups from scratch as a present for someone. The egg cups were made in three sessions: the first was throwing, the second turning and then the final session decorating.

Turned egg cups

Glazed decorated and finished egg cups


Cara admiring the pots she had just finished and just dipped them in slip