Commissioned Dog Bowls

These are photos of a commission for a batch of dog bowls made for a new online shop called The Silver Dog Company. Although I have used my beautiful schnauzer Kipper to model the bowl, the shape is specific to spaniels so that when the spaniel goes to eat their food they don't get their ears mucky. There are three sizes, after making them I realised the smallest size won't be necessary for an adult spaniel but very insightful for the next batch of dog bowls in what to and what not to make.

In my workshop I predominantly use earthenware. I have made a satin white glaze from scratch which is incredibly tactile, the designs include a bit of experimentation with cobalt carbonate, copper carbonate and red iron oxide brushed on (note, only on the exterior of the bowls).

The next batch will be for flat face dogs like French Bulldogs, I am making up the jig in order to create the feet so the bowls will tilt. More bowls to come...