8 Week Pottery Throwing Course (Beginners)

About the course - In the first four sessions, to begin with you will learn the basics of how to centre the ball of clay on the potters wheel. You’ll be taught how to throw small bowls and cylinders, you might find that you gravitate to one more than the other. In the initial lessons you will be practicing, pushing and experimenting with the clay to find out its limits and what you enjoy making. This will lead us to the next four sessions where we can hone in on your skills to throw from designs and ideas about pots that you would like to produce.

The aim of the course is to learn the basic skills of throwing on a wheel and produce beautiful and practical pottery. You can make a set of breakfast bowls for yourself or make a jug as an early Christmas present for someone special or something of your own choice.

You will be throwing with a red earthenware clay. There are a few options for decorating your pots which include an earthy grey/green colour glaze, a light blue glaze, a white glaze and the final option for decoration is to use a white slip on the pots in order to sgraffito a design then paint a small section blue, we would then use a clear glaze on this to finish it off. Glazing we can discuss at a later date and as we are making the pots.

Based in Prestbury at the foot of Cleeve Hill, I have two pottery wheels in my workshop so can hold a session for up to two people at a time.

£224 for 8 week course per person.

Please contact me to book your 8 week course to start September 2021.

Daisy at Knoll Hill - 07867878200 or email me